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How Does It Work?

ScholarSite.com, with detailed and up-to-date information on approximately 600,000 financial aid opportunities, may help you find funding for your education.

To use ScholarSite.com, follow these instructions:

Search Screen

The Search Screen allows you to specify search criteria. You can search for financial resources using several categories:

  • The institution offering the resource.
  • The academic discipline for which the resource is available.
  • The U.S. state in which the applicant would like to use the resource.
  • The academic level for which the resource is offered.
  • The minorities to whom the resource is offered.
  • The citizenship required to qualify for the resource.
  • The requirement that applicants have financial need or be members of the military.

NOTE: When you specify various search criteria, or when the result of a search matches many resources, the searching can take longer than usual.

Click on "List" to see the complete list of sponsoring organizations/ institutions. It's important to note that students normally would want to leave this category blank to find all available opportunities.

Check the appropriate Academic Level

Select one or more of the listed interests by clicking on them. Sub-disciplines are indented. Selecting a main area of academic interest will automatically include all sub-disciplines. Click in any of the small squares -(called check boxes)- to select the academic level, minority and citizenship to be used in the search. You may click one or several boxes for each search.

NOTE: Selecting a citizenship status will limit the search to those opportunities requiring a certain citizenship. Most opportunities do not require specific citizenship. Also, many awards are not set aside for particular states or regions, so on at least some of your searches, you may want to leave the State category blank.

After you have selected the search criteria, click on the Search Button to perform the search and display the Results List. ScholarSite will show a list of scholarships that fit the preferences you provided.

Results List

Review the list of opportunities that ScholarSite.com finds for you. Some of them have special requirements that may eliminate you from consideration. For example, a scholarship may require that you major in a specific discipline, that you live in a certain state, or that you have a minimum score on the SAT or ACT.

Click on the title of the opportunity that interests you. ScholarSite.com will show you a more complete description of the opportunity so you can confirm your eligibility. The description will include contact information (telephone, address, website and/or e-mail address) to help you apply for this financial aid opportunity.

Printing Letters

Once you have filled out the registration form and entered the Scholarship Giveaway, you can compose personalized letters to send to sponsoring organizations and institutions. This is a great time saver!

Important Hints

To increase the number of resources found by a search, use a small number of search criteria (only one or two) in each search. If no boxes are checked under Academic Level, Minority Group, Citizenship/Residency Status, or Other Requirements, all resources fitting other selected criteria will be shown, including those with unselected limitations and preferences.

To create a small, narrowly tailored list of opportunities closely matching your interests and background, click all boxes that apply to you. The resources found by the search will be those closest to your interests (but may not include other, equally valuable resources of interest and open to you). To increase the number of resources found by a search, remove search criteria.

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